Water purifier Ro with uv In Maharashtra


A prominent organization, we are engaged in trading and retailing a wide range of Zero B UV Grande. This is a very distinguished purifier with 6 stage purification process, which helps in converting salty water into pure & safe drinking water. The body of this purifier, with flawless finish, is particularly designed for modern kitchens, where it can be placed above or under the counter and sink. Manufactured using globally renowned technology of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Zero B Kitchen-mate has the capability of withstanding heavy pressure that is passed through a semi permeable membrane with specific molecular weight cut-off . The capacious tank is, then, useful in collecting purified water, while impure water is flushed out.

Super feature packed :

• 6 stage online non-electric water purifier with solar intelligence that gives clear, crisp water
• Removes heavy metals like aluminum, lead, etc
• Storage cum online multiport facility to be attached with refrigerator, coffee maker, water cooler, etc
• Purifier Health Indicator show cartridge life and water quality
• Detachable transparent tank with 4 ltr. capacity
• Gives energy stimulating water for healthy & energetic life
• Conforms to IS 10500 drinking water standards
• Wall mount model saves kitchen space