Water purifier Ro with uv In Maharashtra

Blue Star Pristina UV (HP) Water Purifiers

Of all the water purifiers manufactured by Bluestar, Pristina is the only one that does not have RO purification systems. They have designed this water purifier to cater to the villages and smaller towns where industrial and chemical pollution is not so profound. The people living in such places depend on rivers, lakes, and wells for their water supply requirements. Hence, the UV radiation technology should be the right one for them. The Pristina range of water purifiers consists of the following features

Super feature packed :

Advanced UV protection available: This purification process not only destroys the bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in the water but also inhibit them from growing afresh.

5-stage protection: This stage envisages the use of pre filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, micro trap filter, and finally the UV lamp for comprehensive purification.

Ultra efficient SS UV shield: The stainless steel UV purification chamber provides for maximum durability, safety, and optimum performance.

Smart microcontroller: Monitors the flow of output water thereby ensuring smooth functioning of the purification unit

UV change indicator: Provides advance information thereby enabling you to change the UV lamp in time