Industrial water filtration systems In Maharashtra

Ultra Filtration (UF)

Ultra Filtration technic is abroad used in the field of water filtra􀀈on, solu􀀈on separated, concentrtion, recover useful materials from waste water and recycle of waste water purification. Its feature is easy process, no require with heating, saving energy, running under low-pressure and small space occupied. Ultrafiltration is a membrane separated process of screening with separa􀀈on principle and let the pressure for the driving force. Filtrate precision in the range of 0.005-0.01pm.

Ultra Filtration can remove the particles, colloid, bacteria bedding and macromolecule organic substance. It used abroad in the substances separated, concentra􀀈on, purification. Ultrafiltration process haven't the mutually transforma􀀈on and operation in normal temperature. It particularly adapt to thermal sensitivity substance separated. Has good performance on high temperature resistance. Acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance. It could continuous service below 600C and at PH value 2-11 in a long period

Hollow-fiber Ultra Filtration membrane is one of the most advanced Ultra Filtration technics. The external diameter of hollow-fiber is 0.5-2.0mm and internal diameter is 0.3-1.4mm. There are micro pore bestrew on the well of the hollow-filter. Aperture express by molecular weight of the trapped substances which can from thousands to hundred thousand. Raw water flows at the outside or inside of the hollow-filter, constitute external compression and internal compression respectively. Ultra Filtration in the filtrate process with dynamic, the trapped substance can be concentrated and continuous working in the long period.