Water purifier Ro with uv In Maharashtra

Kangen Alkaline water Purifier

Kangen Alkaline water - Super feature packed :

Maintain pH level 7.4 no disease will attack us. (“potential of hydrogen,”)
Daily drinking alkaline water with negative charge orp 400.( Oxidation- Reduction Potential.)
Helpful for detoxification.
Anti- aging properties.
Water improves skin complexation.
Boost immune systems.
Prevent cramps & Sprain.
Aids in digestion.
Hydrate the body.
Beneficial for diabetic, blood pressure kidney problem , heart disease, skin disease, gout problem.
Improve bone health cancer resistance.

12 Reasons to drink kangen water

weight Loss
Healthier heart
Headache cure
healthy skin
Better exercise
digestive problems
cancer risk
one of the 5 element