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Waste Water Treatment Plants In Maharashtra

Effluent treatment Plants (ETP)

Effluent treatment plant is essential to purify the waste water which comes from different types of mfg. Industries like Textile, Electroplating, Dairy, Paints, and Dyes & Pharmaceuticals etc. Different waste water has different characteristics which pollute the water.

Effluent Treatment Plant for Electroplating Industry:

We are experts in manufacturing an advance range of Effluent Treatment Plant for application in electroplating industry. This industry has been primarily categorized as a pollutant industry. Our effluent treatment plant is specially designed to recover many precious metals such as chrome from the effluent.

Kitchen wastewater Treatment Plant :

We also offer wastewater Treatment Plants specially designed for filtering solid waste generated form kitchen. These plants can be easily installed in Restaurants, Caterers Kitchens, Hotels and other canteens.