Bottle Coolers In Maharashtra

Bottle Cooler

Quick cooling for quick profits.

Keep your drinks chilled, and your clients happy. With bottle coolers from Blue Star India’s leading air-conditioning and refrigeration company. Designed to meet the heavy demands of commercials business such as restaurants, hotels, pubs and fast food outlets, these coolers come with heavy duty compressors that allow bottles to be chilled quickly. And they are built rugged and ready for operation in Indian conditions. The perfect solutions for your business.

Features :

• Range: 300, 400 & 500 ltrs
• Stainless steel inner tank
• PUF insulation
• Low power consumption
• Eco-friendly refrigerant
• Pre-painted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning
• Thermostat for accurate temperature control
• Double door option available higher capacities
• Tropicalised for tough Weather conditions

Why a bottle cooler and not a deep freezer?

During summer, most beverage bottles and cans are delivered warm. To cool such bottles and cans in lesser time, you need a cooler with a heavy duty compressor that has adequate power. Normal deep freezer compressors come with a low capacity. Suitable only for pre-frozen ice-creams. Also , the thermostats of these freezers are altered locally. All these make deep freezers incompetent when it comes it comes to faster and better cooling of beverages, especially in summer.

Why a bottle cooler and not a refrigerator?

Refrigerators are essentially designed for home applications where door openings are few. These refrigerators come with small compressors that are incapable of handling large loads. Further, they cannot maintain low temperature during long power cuts. Bottle coolers, on the other hand have double the capacity and can save up to 50% on the power bill.

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