About Us


VENUS INTERNATIONAL was established in 2006, keeping in mind the growing need of Purified Water. VENUS Deals in UV & RO Water Treatment products and Solutions in Mumbai. Furthermore VENUS deals in Blue Star Make products Viz; Water Coolers, Water Dispensers, Bottle Coolers, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners, and Ice-Cube Making Machines. Additional details can be glance in our products segment.

VENUS is a one-stop solution for all your Water & Food related needs. Your good health is our priority and so WE do not compromise on the quality of products it offers. WE have been affiliated with most Esteemed & Branded Companies / Manufactures who are pioneers in their Respective fields.Since inception, the journey for VENUS has been a roller coaster ride with each day turning out to be more challenging, enthralling and fulfilling than the prior. In our pursuit of excellence we continually strive to create not just happy but delighted customers.

Our products and services have satisfied a number of customers till date. All our products are of high quality with the lowest maintenance efforts needed. WE cater to a large number of Corporate and Individual clients. WE also take care of installing the unit at your place in the least possible time. WE are always ready to help our customers with the after sales services. Our mission at VENUS is to focus on values over volumes and quality over quantity with absolutely honest and ethical interactions at each stage.